The Empire Strips Back

2018 Australian Tour

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  • The Empire Strips Back... returns... again!

    While the producers of the long running burlesque show have been preparing the production for its overseas debut, they’ve had a little more unexpected time on their hands due to some red tape. So they put it to the fans to see if they wanted another tour, and the response was overwhelming.

    So February/March 2018 sees The Empire Strips Back hitting the road again very briefly to celebrate everything Star Wars…… and the removal of clothing.

    In 2011 Russall S. Beattie created the first run of “Star Wars Burlesque” in Sydney. It was booked in a 150 capacity room with the expectation that he might get three nights out of it. Those three nights sold out in record time and the show has since succeeded beyond any expectations. Four national tours and one complete overhaul later, the show has delighted an audience of over 50,000 people since then. February 2016 saw a Huffington Post online video article on the show go viral, with its 20 million views in a few days spark the interest of many international promoters, thus an international tour is planned with the show heading overseas indefinitely within weeks/ days of the latest Australian tour ending.

    “its been a long interesting journey from the little stage we started on to the giant theatres we play now. We never stop developing the show. Always trying to make it bigger, better and reach the standard of quality of the films. The fans are so great and they deserve it”
    - Russall S. Beattie

    For the many that missed out on previous tours be prepared for some seriously sexy Stormtroopers, a dangerously seductive Boba Fett, some tantalising Twi'leks, a delightfully luke-warm Taun Taun, a lady-like Skywalker, the Droids you are looking for and much, much more!

    Russall S. Beattie and his productions are ever evolving and persistent refinement is constantly at helm. No run of this show is ever exactly the same and this tour is no exception, returning to Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Newcastle and Canberra in early 2018.

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"The best episode of Star Wars I've ever seen..."

- Nathan Fillion

Tour Dates


Please note tickets are available for all shows, and are sold only through Ticketmaster, Ticketek or The Canberra Theatre Centre. Viagogo is NOT an official ticket seller and DO NOT trust anything their website says.

  • FEB 2, 2018
    Canberra Theatre
  • FEB 3, 2018
    Civic Theatre
  • FEB 16, 2018
    State Theatre
  • MAR 2/3, 2018
    Regal Theatre
  • MAR 9, 2018
    Palais Theatre


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Photos: Josh Groom